As over-the-counter whitening products such as Crest Whitestrips become popular, many patients ask us whether the Zoom! in-office professional teeth whitening system is truly worth the additional expense. The truth is that there is not one single over-the-counter teeth whitening product on the market that can offer results anywhere near the quality of the Zoom! whitening system.

With Zoom! whitening, you will emerge with teeth that are multiple shades whiter after one hour, results that can last for years. With over-the-counter whitening products, you will have to invest much more of your time to achieve far lesser results, and you will have to use the product continually to maintain those results. Ultimately, you will probably end up spending more money over a five-year span than you would have paying for a single professional whitening treatment.

Additionally, even the safest over-the-counter whitening products can accidentally be misused, putting people at risk of causing irreparable damage to their teeth and gums. The professional supervision that comes with Zoom! teeth whitening is worth the cost of treatment in and of itself.