The Parshin Dental team believe everyone deserves a stunning smile.

Regardless of how your teeth and smile currently look, the Parshin Dental team has the skills to transform a dull or lackluster smile into a brilliant one.

What Does a Smile Makeover Entail?

Every smile makeover treatment plan is uniquely customized to the unique needs and goals of the individual patient. Your smile makeover could include any combination of the following:

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  • Placement of porcelain veneers to improve the uniformity of the teeth or cover up flawed teeth

  • Teeth whitening treatment to brighten yellow or dull-looking teeth, or improve the appearance of stains

  • Dental bonding to improve the shape or size of abnormal teeth, even out the edges of the teeth or close small spaces between the front teeth

  • Invisalign clear braces to improve the appearance of crooked or crowded teeth or remedy other alignment/spacing issues

1-Day Smile Makeovers with CEREC Crowns

If you have teeth that are fractured or broken, and you are looking for rapid results, you may be a good candidate for a 1-day smile makeover using CEREC crowns.

In a single appointment, the Parshin Dental team can design, fit and place beautiful, strong crowns to improve the appearance of aesthetically flawed, broken or misshapen teeth. The CEREC CAD/CAM system combines 3D technology with sophisticated computer software to fabricate dental crowns from a block of ceramic material — all while you wait comfortably in our office! The crowns are placed over the surface of the affected tooth/teeth to cover up the imperfections and improve the appearance of the entire smile.